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Miyu’s Arrival
Legions of models had been here before. . .
Fleshy wrestlers and frozen Charlottes,
Debutantes and Cissys.
Now You stand before me.
You locked on with your azure anime gaze.
The walls turned pale, color drained from the room.
You inclined your ear,
Celestial music filled the air.
You flexed your wrist,
The clocks’ hands stood still.
Silk, lace, needles, and ribbon
Bowed at your service.
A random visitor
Or a messenger from another place?


gracefaerie designs is built on a lifetime of training and experience. . . from dressing dolls and debutantes to drafting Zubaz pants for athletes. Miyu’s arrival, and my ensuing obsession with ball-jointed dolls, lead to an inevitable outpouring of designs and patterns for my mystical resin muses. Thus, gracefaerie designs sprang into being.

Designs to grace their curves and mysteries ..................... Patterns to set your imagination in flight!

Note from gracefaerie on making garments to sell:

One of my primary goals for gracefaerie designs is to offer well-fitted patterns that dressmakers can use to make garments to sell, so you can skip the time consuming fitting steps and let your imagination take flight. When I see garments for sale that were made with my patterns, I feel thrilled. When I notice a kind word of credit to gracefaerie designs, I feel elated. The credit is a kindness, not a requirement. I go to my studio each day hoping to make patterns that will delight you and perhaps help you to fund your next doll.

I feel privileged to be a part of this creative, supportive, and enthusiastic community. 



Perfect fit is just the beginning. . .