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Messenger from Another Place. . . 


Messenger from Another Place. . . 

In the poem, Miyu’s Arrival, my mystical muse arrives like a “messenger from another place”. This easy-to-make layered dress – from another time and another place – was inspired by my other worldly Elicia (Volks SDC Kun, face-up by Jay Searle), but it can be made to fit almost any SD girl (even large busted girls). 

The blouse is made with the Blouse Front and Blouse Back patterns in #10 Takeshita-dori.  Use the Neck Binding pattern in #10 Takeshita-dori or #11 Takeshita-dori Supplement as a guideline, or finish with bias binding. The lower sleeve begins with the Lower Sleeve pattern in #29 Steampunk Dress, cut from sheer or semi-transparent fabric (omit the pointed detail at the wrist if desired). Bits of torn and gathered fabrics are randomly added to the sleeve, and the opening at the wrist is closed with tiny hooks and eyes (refer to #29 pattern instructions).  A 1 ¼ “gathered ruffled is added along the lower edge of the blouse. 

Select the Waist Cincher from #10 or #11 to fit your doll. 

The top skirt is constructed with the Top Skirt pattern in #10. Select the Skirt Yoke pattern in #10 or #11 (you may need to make slight adjustments on your own doll*). I trimmed off 5/8” along the lower edge of the yoke for this version. The ruffle at the hemline is 2 ¼” wide.  

The under skirt is made with the #10 Under Skirt pattern. Select the Skirt Yoke pattern in #10 or #11 (you may need to make slight adjustments on your own doll). I did not trim or alter the yoke for the underskirt. Add a 3 ½” wide ruffle at the hemline. 

*Make the under skirt first, so you can adjust the top skirt yoke to fit OVER the underskirt. 

Cutting guideline for ruffles:

Measure the length of the hemline where the ruffle will be added. Multiply that measurement by 3, and use the resulting number as the length of the ruffle. Cut the top edge and tear the hem edge if desired. 

#10 Takeshita-dori: 

#11Takeshita-dori Supplement: 

#29 Steampunk Dress: 

Refer to pattern instructions for all other cutting and construction information.