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Steamy Summer Steampunk
Pattern and article by

Published in Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine, July 2009
Magazine is now out of print. For more information, please contact grace

custom sizing for
Queen Azure, Goodreau American BJD
also fits Narae and Mini Fee girls

 Custom-fitted Clockworks Corset, Brass Buckle  Jacket, Lock & Key Skirt, Inner Workings Underskirt, and High Speed Head Scarf
for 43cm Queen Azure (2009)

Excerpt from article:
Steampunk is many things...a literary genre, a fashion aesthetic, a visual and mechanical vocabulary, and a philosophy of life. Steampunk looks to the past in order to move into the future with imagination and purpose. Personally, I am drawn to the urban, industrial materials and forms, the odd pairing of Victorian fashion and fantastic steam-powered inventions. But then, I have always preferred the disturbing beauty of an abandoned factory over a glistening sunny meadow...the Made world...the smell of concrete after a rain.